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WS_FTP LE is a free commercial file transfer client for Windows desktops.  The current edition is built on WS_FTP Home’s code base and was reintroduced to the market in 2010.

WS_FTP LE offers a two-panel user interactive interface and its supported protocols are all variants of FTP/S.

WS_FTP LE is a stripped down version of WS_FTP Professional.  The main features missing from the stripped down version are SFTP and scripting/scheduling.

The original version of WS_FTP LE was one of the most popular pieces of freeware ever (nearly a hundred million downloads). The original combination of WS_FTP LE and WS_FTP Professional provided one of the most successful implementations of the now-common “freemium” software business plan ever.

See also “WS_FTP Professional” and “WS_FTP Home”.  WS_FTP LE may be obtained from www.wsftple.com.

FULL DISCLOSURE: The president of File Transfer Consulting pushed through the retirement of WS_FTP Home and the return of WS_FTP LE while serving as VP of Product Management at Ipswitch.