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SFTP file transfer or the ‘SSH file transfer protocol’ as it is more formally known, is a network communications protocol used for sending data securely over a network. A common misconception associated with SFTP is that it uses FTP run over SSH – this is not the case. SFTP, sometimes referred to as ‘secure file transfer protocol’, is an independent protocol that has been developed from scratch.

Built to look and feel like FTP due to its popularity, SFTP was developed as a secure alternative to FTP. Based on the Secure Shell protocol, SFTP encrypts both the data before transmission and the commands (using SSH key-exchange algorithms) between servers. This provides dual protection against eavesdroppers and hackers, ensuring any data sent using this SFTP remains totally secure.

Not only a dedicated file transfer protocol, SFTP enables permission and attribute manipulation, file locking and more functionality. Saying this, a draw back associated with the use of SFTP is the limited number of client applications available that are actually compatible with SFTP servers.

The default port for SFTP is port 22.

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