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Managed file transfer is an industry term used to describe a hardware or software solution that facilitates the movement of large files both inside and outside of the business, whilst maintaining the security and integrity of sensitive data. Although many managed file transfer solutions are built using the FTP file transfer protocol, the phrase was coined to illustrate those solutions that have progressed and developed, to address the disadvantages associated with basic FTP for large file transfer.

A solution classed as providing ‘managed file transfer’ should possess value added features such as reporting (e.g. notification of successful file transfers), increased security and greater control of the file transfer process. These solutions enable organisations to automate, self-manage and secure the transfer of files between each other. As companies expand the need to transfer files between locations increases, these features are invaluable to enterprises responsible for sensitive customer data.

The development of managed file transfer solutions has had an enormous positive impact on businesses processes. File transfer accounts for a significant percentage of man-hours in a number of market sectors, spent sending and monitoring transmissions. Managed file transfer eliminates the need for manual processes as these file transfer solutions are designed specifically to do the job for you.

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