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The FTP File Transfer Protocol is a method used to transfer files from one computer to another through a network whether that’s an internal network (from one computer to another within the same network) or more commonly a Wide Area Network such as the Internet.

An FTP site is a server, hosted on the Internet and used as an exchange area for uploading and downloading files to and from. FTP sites are accessed using a software program known as an FTP Client. All FTP sites will have a hostname and this, along with a username and password assigned to you by the FTP site administrator, will be required to connect the FTP client to the site.

Once connected to the FTP Site, the FTP Client allows the user to browse through files and folders on both their personal computer and the FTP site. Files can then be selected and either uploaded to the FTP site or downloaded from the FTP site.

FTP is not a particularly simple file transfer protocol to use and has a number of drawbacks such as high latency (slow), a lack of reporting and no real security of data but it is still widely used as it is a cheap, often free solution.

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