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Enterprise Application Integration (“EAI”) is a methodology which balances seamless experience across heterogeneous enterprise applications and datasets of various origins, scope and capability with the need to make major changes to those applications or datasets.

Today, EAI often uses ESB (“Enterprise Service Bus”) infrastructure to allow these various applications to communicate with each other.  Before ESB, MOM (“Message-Oriented Middleware”) would have been used instead.

Today’s convergence of file transfer and EAI systems was foretold by Steve Cragg’s 2003 white paper entitled “File Transfer for the Future – Using modern file transfer solutions as part of an EAI strategy”.   In that paper, Cragg wrote that, “judicious use of file transfer in its modern form as part of an overall EAI strategy can reduce overall business risk, deliver an attractive level of ROI, speed time to market for new services and enable new business opportunities quickly (for example B2B).”