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The NCUA (“National Credit Union Administration”) is like the FDIC for credit unions.  It provides insurance to credit unions and expects a solid level of operations in return.   It provides regulations and audits member credit unions for fitness. The NCUA’s official web site is www.ncua.gov. See also: “FFIEC” (umbrella regulation,[..]

Network Layer

The concept of a network layer or ‘layered network’, was developed to account for the rapid changes that occur in technology. This concept allowed for the inclusion of newly developed protocols to work alongside one another to achieve a specified task, for example a secure file transfer. The Higher layers[..]


NIST (“National Institute of Standards and Technology”) is a United States based standards body whose influence on the file transfer industry is felt most heavily through its FIPS 140-2 encryption and hashing standard.  It is also the keeper of many other security standards which must be met if file transfer[..]


Non-repudiation (also “nonrepudiation”) is the ability to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that a specific file, message or transaction was sent at particular time by a particular party from another party.  This proof prevents anyone from “repudiating” the activity: later claiming that the file, message or transaction was not[..]