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Data Controller

This is the individual within an organisation who is responsible for the data. The data controller defines the data collected and the reasons for processing.

Data Portability

Under GDPR, individuals have the right to have their personal data transferred to another system or organisation.

Data Processor

Someone who processes data on behalf of the Data Controller.

Data Protection Act

The Data Protection Act of 1998 was brought into force on March 1st 2000. Introduced to give UK citizens the right to access personal information held by ‘data controllers’ (any individual within an organisation handling personal data) within the United Kingdom, the Data Protection Act also details principles concerning the[..]

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

This is a document that describes the nature of the data, the purpose of the transfer, how it is performed and the security configuration. A DPIA is a key requirement of GDPR.

Data Subject

This is the individual that the data is about.


DEP is sometimes used an abbreviation for “Data Exchange Partner”.


DEPCON is the common name for the Unisys Distributed Enterprise Print Controller software.  This software is often deployed in financial data centers that use it to break apart and distributed aggregated reports.  As more and more print jobs moved to electronic distribution formats, file transfer technology was frequently applied to[..]


Deprovisioning is the act of removing access from and freeing up resources reserved by end users and their file transfer workflows.  Rapid removal of access upon termination or end of contract is key to any organisation. Freeing up of related resources (such as disk space, certificates, ports, etc.) is also[..]


DES (“Digital Encryption Standard”) is an open encryption standard that offers weak encryption at 56-bit strength.  DES used to be considered strong encryption, but the world’s fastest computers can now break DES in near real time.  A cryptographically valid improvement on DES is 3DES (“Triple DES”) – a strong encryption[..]

Document Definition

In file transfer, a “document definition” typically refers to a very specific, field-by-field description of a single document format (such as an ACH file) or single set of transaction data (such as EDI’s “997” Functional Acknowledgement). Document definitions are used in transformation maps and can often be used outside of[..]

Double Post

A “double post” is the act of sending a file in for processing twice on a production system. Most operators consider a “double post” to be far worse than a missing file or missing transmission, because files sent in for internal processing often cannot be cleanly backed out.  Double post[..]

Drummond Certified

In the file transfer industry, “Drummond Certified” typically indicates that the AS2 implementation in a particular software package has been tested and approved by the Drummond Group. Most file transfer protocols follow RFCs, and AS2 is no exception.  (AS2 is specified in RFC 4130, and the “MDNs” AS2 relies on[..]

Drummond Group

The Drummond Group is a privately held test laboratory that is best known in the file transfer industry as the official certification behind the AS2 standard.  See “Drummond Certified” for more information about the AS2 certification. The Drummond Group also offers AS1 and ebXML validation, quality assurance and other related[..]